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You have reached the website of the GI Guys who have a passionate interest in the WW2 period.


We are located in West and Central Scotland and combine to provide living history displays at WW2 /1940’s themed events, parties, school and club talks. 

We class ourselves as Amateur Historians, with a good knowledge and understanding of several aspects of WW2, including the British Home Front, US Airborne Forces, the US Airforce, the US Navy, the French Resistance, Arctic Warfare and the SOE/OSS (Clandestine Warfare).

We feel that by doing this, we are playing our part in keeping the spirit of the 40's alive......a time of great sacrifice but also a time where nations united for the common good, where community spirit and helping a neighbour was the order of the day, a time when people survived on very little and the make do and mend mentality ruled supreme.

Although this is a hobby, all displays are presented in a proper, respectful and safe manner. We are affiliated to the All Forces Reenactment Association (AFRA see link) for Public Liabilites Insurance (PLI).

We should also point out that despite the serious subject matter, school talks often include some humour to engage the children and keep their attention.  

What can we provide?


·         US Army Air Force Nose Art 

(These are large panels and as far as we are aware this is the only display of its type in the UK)


·         US Airborne “In the field” and kit display

·         US Navy Shore Patrol  ( door guard—not Bouncers !)

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We have displayed at the following events:

Leuchers Airshow (5yrs), Perth Airshow, East Fortune (5yrs), Strathspey Railway, Pickering North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum, RAF Lossiemouth , RAF Kinloss, Balado Steam Fair, Troon Nostalgia Weekend, Aberdeen Transport Museum, Scottish Adventure Centre, Harthill, Lanark Festival of History

We support worthwhile causes including the Poppy Appeal and Help for Heroes.

 We provide the displays , or attend events in our spare time and whilst we enjoy the social experience we are mindful of the seriousness of the subject matter.

Our aim is to engage, inform and remember those who were affected by WW2

This is our small tribute